The rising demand for fast speed has generated the need for nanotech based systems and technologies, thus driving the growth of the nanotechnology markets. Nanotech finds application in different fields such as medical technology, production technology, lighting components and defense nanotechnics. Nanotechnology has been the greatest impetus to technological and industrial development in the 21st century and has been recognized as the resource for the next industrial revolution. Today, the global Nanotechnology market is estimated to be approximately $350 billion, and the leveraged impact of Nanotech in other enabled industries is substantially greater in terms of turnover and employment levels. This market is expected to grow significantly over the next few years, with the estimated market size approaching $580 billion by 2015. In Nanotechnology markets, companies are in search of early adopters for the developed and manufactured products.

International Journal of Innovative Research In Technology & Science | Volume 3, Number 1, Published On January 30, 2015

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