It is with pleasure that we send you this first annual report and list of activities by the Observatory for Strategies & Commercialization for Innovation (OSCI).

This project started in April, 2015, when Michel Langelier and I had the initiative to propose to Stéphane Pallage, Dean of ESG, to establish an observatory centre aimed at targeting commercial strategies in innovation.

Despite the important investments directed towards research and development, the situation in Quebec remains historically problematic as indicated by results obtained regarding the market for innovation. It is in fact the weak link in the innovation ecosystem to achieve prosperity.

Inevitably, disruptive innovations bring about real technological revolution. In this context, several key sectors of the economy of Quebec are at a crossroad, such as in the retail trade, and must quickly implement business and commercial strategies than can enable them to take the innovation turnabout. These disruptive innovations represent economic development opportunities, but represent a huge risk to certain business sectors. It is with this objective in mind, to facilitate the commercialization of disruptive innovations in Quebec, that OSCI has undertaken to oversee key research in the commercialization of innovations.

Business sectors such as aerospace, information technologies, advanced materials, and the environment, present important transformations associated with disruptive innovations that have upset considerably the positioning of companies in Quebec within their market. These disruptive innovations require a real turn towards innovation and, as a result, the development of new commercial strategies, as well as the transformation of strategic skills, in Quebec and the Canada, as abroad.

It is the challenge of OSCI to develop a strategic intelligence through realization of applied research projects, activities of transfer and broadcasting, with partners playing a leading role in Quebec and the Canadian economy.

As the emancipation of OSCI takes effect at ESG UQAM, we saw fit to produce this annual report and especially to seize the opportunity to thank people who helped and supported us in the launch phase of the OSCI. Happy reading!

Co Founder - President & Full Professor of Management Strategy & International Business,
and Director - Observatory For Strategies & Commercialization For Innovation

Co Founder and General Manager


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