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4 ways to unleash the electricity grid of the future

Written by : Christophe GuilleManager, Bain & CompanyJoseph HergerPartner, Bain & CompanyAnas KaakehCase Team Leader, Bain & CompanyJoseph ScalisePartner, Head of Utilities & Alternative Energy practice (Americas), Bain & CompanyThe electricity industry is in the midst of a transformation, as technology and innovation disrupt traditional models from generation to beyond the meter.Three trends in particular are converging. First, electrification is taking place across large sectors of the economy such as transportation and residential heating. Second, decentralization of resources has increased, spurred by the sharp decrease in costs as well as by public support for distributed energy resources (DERs) like distributed generation, distributed storage, energy efficiency and demand response. Third, digitalization of the system is mounting, both before the meter with […]

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