Vincent Sabourin is Director of the Observatory for Strategies & Commercialization for Innovation (OSCI), a professor of strategy and international business at the School of Management of Université du Québec à Montréal for 26 years, where he teaches at various level of executive MBA. He is the founding director of the Department of strategy, social and member responsibility representing directors of departments to the committee of university studies. He was also one of 25 Canadian experts selected within the framework of a doctoral thesis concerning the strategic planning to HEC Montréal.

His research was published in journals such as : International Journal of Technology and management,Journal of Strategy and management, Journal of Technology Management and innovation, International Journal of Innovative Research in Technology and Science (IJIRTS),Journal of Technology Transfer, Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, Leadership in Engineering, Journal of Technology and Engineering, Leadership and Management in Engineering of the American of Civil Engineers, International Journal of Management in Education, International Journal of, Business and Management, European Journal of business and Management, Intelligent Computer Engineering and, Asian Journal of business and Management Sciences, American Journal of Economics and business administration, French Review of management (French).

He realized several large-scale projects with CEFRIO in the field of technology concerning models of electronic business and large-scale studies on strategies of success of technological companies; under the consortium of the University center of Montérégie. He realized 60 projects; with a significant number of studies in the fields of strategy, competitiveness and emerging technologies. He realized several plans for development and support in the realization of sectorial associations.. Vincent has also worked in 15 countries throughout the world, including France, Brazil, China, Belgium, Mexico, Greece, Lebanon and the Caribs (Caribbean islands) in French, in English and in Spanish.

Upon receiving request by strategic partners and project sponsors, Vincent intervened repeatedly in broadcasts through Radio-Canada, La Presse, le Devoir and The Gazette.

Vincent Sabourin also pursued and completed international studies in strategies of food-processing science parks (25 countries), the strategies of big international banks (20 countries), the incidences of regulations on strategies of international air connections (30 countries) and the consequences of strategies in technological standards of projects of electronic highway in North America. He has worked on a study on strategies of telecommunication companies in a global context (15 countries). He is the current director of the program of Performex; a program of executive coaching for team management in the execution of objectives of an organization (

He received an award for his scientific and professional contribution and was also given a certificate of merit of the Association of professionals of economic development (previously named the Association of the agents of economic development). He was a professor who has received invitation to international universities among them being: Alliant University in California USA, in the Faculty of Business of Dalhousie, ESC of Grenoble in international management and ESCEM of Poitiers within the framework of Executive International MBA (International Masters of Business Administration).

Before beginning a university career Vincent Sabourin was a strategy consultant at SECOR-KPMG, then SNC-Lavalin and later became a partner with a marketing and strategy group of professionnal services. He worked as a consultant with 200 companies in various sectors of canadian economy.

He has been vice-president of the Canadian Business Strategy Association and was previously Secretary of Board of Directors of the Montreal Institute of Public Administration and vice-president of the Planning Forum: an international association of planning and strategic management. He was also the co-chairman of the committee of leadership of the Mouvement québécois de la qualité (MQQ).

Professor Sabourin holds a diploma in industrial psychology from University McGill, a master’s degree in administration from HEC Montreal and completed a doctorate (Ph.D.) in planning and strategic management at the University McGill, supervised by Henry Mintzberg. His doctoral thesis was on radical technological change and competitive strategies in a North American context.

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